Is Green Cleaning like having a Green Thumb?

If you are like the rest of the world, you are asking yourself, “what in the world does ‘green cleaning’ really mean and why is everyone jumping on the green products only bandwagon?”  Those are two great questions that come with a variety of answers depending on the person you are talking to.  But to put it simply, green cleaning refers to cleaning methods or products that use environmentally safe ingredients to protect your health and the environment.

Have you been Greenwashed?

The confusion usually begins when consumers see green labels that say “all-natural” or “environmentally safe.”  You believe that because they have the label they must be what they say.  Right? The answer is no.  You have been greenwashed into believing that their products are green.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Greenwashed.  Greenwashing is a fashioned term for the practice of misrepresenting information about the environmental benefits of a product or service.  Many companies use this as a marketing gimmick to broaden their range of consumers.

Forte has invested countless hours sifting through the hundreds of products on the market and believe we have the best products that still maintain the professional cleaning you expect without all the toxins.  We believe in them so much, the CEO of Forte and his children use them in his home!

Why all the hype?

Research done by the US EPA shows, that the level of air pollutants indoors can be anywhere from 2 to more than 100 times higher than outdoors.  Makes you want to go outside and take a deep breath, huh?   Want to know the number one reason for indoor pollution?  You guessed it… cleaning products.   Cleaning products have been blamed for number of different adverse effects, ranging from headaches and fatigue to depression and shortness of breath.  Work-related illnesses and allergies can mean more sick days which will affect the productivity and morale of your business. The EPA endorses the use of green cleaning products in workplaces in order to reduce the risk of asthmas and other respiratory disorders.

Green Training

Many cleaning service companies claim to be “Green Cleaners”, but that’s where it ends.  Forte Cleaning Services requires each team member to take in-depth training of green practices to ensure that our crews are on the cutting edge of green technology.  Teaching the proper use of chemicals and the implementation of green equipment is an on-going effort at Forte, as new technology continues to grow at a rapid rate.

More and more buildings around the world are becoming LEED (Leadership In Energy and Environmental Design) Certified, and Forte is on the forefront of training for and providing the green services that are required.  Current stipulations for existing LEED Certified buildings states that program participants should use sustainable cleaning materials, products, equipment, paper products and trash liners.  While the task of certification falls on building owners and managers, the team at Forte is ready and trained to assist companies achieve and remain LEED certified.

State of Art Green Services We Offer

  • Microfiber Technology
  • HEPA/ULPA Multi-filtration Vacuum Technology
  • Specialized Sanitizing Systems
  • Flat Mop Technology