Janitorial Services in San Diego

Forte proudly delivers janitorial services in San Diego to many different businesses, over 200 active clients in fact. Whether it’s a large hospital in Carmel Valley or a small office in Ocean Beach, Forte knows the importance of keeping your building clean and in tip top shape. We want to make your first impression a lasting one. One that will impress you and your clients. We are confident that our highly skilled staff, we can provide you with consistent and reliable janitorial services you can trust. No matter how large or how small your facility is, Forte is ready to get dirty. 

Consistent Cleaning Every Month!

Janitorial services like none other! Locally owned franchises ensures the highest quality of service. We are so sure of our service, we are proud to show you are monthly evaluations; just ask!

What Sets Forte Apart?

So why should you hire Forte Commercial Cleaning? What makes us any different from other San Diego janitorial services?

Locally Owned in San Diego

Each cleaning crew is managed by a local franchise owner, in San Diego, that works directly with the cleaning crew to provide a level of janitorial services you can't get from an absentee manager. Our franchise owners relies on consistent business, so making sure you stay a customer month after month is vital. 

So vital that our franchise owners use monthly evaluation forms to measure the quality of their janitorial service. Owners are actively involved in training crews, investing in modern technology, and staying up-to-date on cleaning techniques. 

Shared experience is a huge advantage as we have over 37 franchise owners in San Diego, with over 9,000 hours of cleaning, all pulling their knowledge together to make Forte the very best in janitorial services. 

Combined nationally, Forte forces equal 65 franchise owners, proudly actively serving 300 clients monthly. That is an overwhelming 16,000 hours of cleaning that we have performed. 


Three points of contact through-ought the month: operation visits, phone calls and evaluations, that ensure a high level of accountability. 

Franchise owners have a large vested interest in the success of the franchise, literally. Most having invested their life's savings into the franchise. 

Find out more at our San Diego office (619) 542-0404!

Background Checks & Surveys for All Crew Members

We perform thorough background checks on all employees, using Scan Screener so you feel confident having them in your space. Forte's franchise owners must pass an 87 question exam, after their comprehensive training program, before they are allowed to step foot in any building. Initial Selection of potential franchise owners are screened for such things as work-ethic, past work history, and English competency.

No Hidden Cost

When Forte quotes you a price for our janitorial services, it includes all costs to perform the work requested. All equipment, all chemicals and solutions, all labor, and all insurances. There are no surprises when the bill comes due. There are no awkward conversations about added line items, additional fee, or add-ons. 

Modern Cleaning Technology

Sure, you can almost get a floor clean with a cotton mop and traditional mop bucket, but why do the job almost when there is perfectly done? Forte uses microfiber mops and towels as they clean better. Not just that, but we use color-coded microfiber to ensure no cross contamination. Forte uses a dual-rinse bucket system to keep the mop away from dirty water. Fort the most demanding in sanitation, we provide steam cleaning services. All our vacuums use advanced HEPA filters to ensure the highest air quality. Janitorial services is more than just a mop, bucket and soapy water; it's our Forte! 

We Do Not Sell Our Cleaning Contracts!

We are able to control the quality of our work through a myriad of different internal training, policies and procedures that we have developed to measure and quantify our work. Additionally, if a problem should arise, our operations team is empowered and equipped with all the tools to manage the situation providing a timely response and resolution to the issue. 

Being assured that the company you sign the janitorial contract with is actually the company performing the work, and they are in fact operating out of San Diego is a huge factor in reliability. Anyone can promise anything when they aren't the ones dealing with the fallout. This is not the case at Forte where we ensure our quality of service at every level. We can guarantee that because Forte is involved from initial quote, to contract, to work performed and monthly evaluations. 

Give us a call at (619) 542-0404, talk to a live chat Forte representative, or complete our get a quick quote form online.