The world of finance is a fiercely competitive one. Due to the fast-paced nature of the industry, gaining more clients is a struggle as customers debate on which banks are better.

How do you get them to choose your bank?

Give your financial institution more clients by minding cleanliness at all times. A clean facility projects a crisp and professional appearance, which instills trust and confidence in your customers.

With Forte Commercial Cleaning, our bank cleaning service gives you the most bankable asset: a spotless and clean bank.

Mind the Hot Spots

When clients enter your bank, they frequent one of three areas: the ATM, teller stations, or semi-private cubicles—otherwise known as “hot spots” in the bank. Due to the heavy traffic, these places are the first to suffer from dirt, dust, and fingerprints on the glass.

Our cleaning team focuses on these hot spots. Too often, we see neglected glass windows and dusty floors in banks. To ensure the health of your existing clients and entice new ones, we provide consistent and seamless services.

We use top equipment and materials (such as microfiber cloths and powerful vacuums) to trap dust, dirt, and bacteria, securing the cleanliness of your establishment.

Security Matters

Apart from quality cleaning, we understand that security is also a top priority when choosing your bank cleaning services.

We guarantee that all of our staff members are insured and bonded. Every accepted applicant undergoes rigorous background checks to ensure we hire only trusted people. They also wear ID security badges for you to easily identify members of our team.  

Forte Commercial Cleaning brings experience to the table when it comes to reaching cleaning standards. Invest in your bank’s future by partnering with us. Apart from enhancing the environment for clients and employees, you will also demonstrate good customer service.

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