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Everyone enjoys a good movie once in a while. In fact, 225 million Americans went to the movies at least once in the previous year. It is a staple pleasure that brings adventure, horror, and romance to the next level.

It also brings dirt and bacteria to a higher level.

Since movie theaters see hundreds of patrons every day, maintaining cleanliness will be a problem. People come in from midmorning matinees to last full shows; how can anyone clean the place?

Forte Commercial Cleaning provides movie theater cleaning services that will have patrons coming back.

Cleanliness for Better Reputation

Poorly maintained cinemas can discourage potential moviegoers from buying a ticket. Enjoying a movie can be difficult with unpleasant odors and bits of popcorn scattered on the floor. Also, no one likes sticky arm rests or smelly bathrooms.

Instead of inviting moviegoers, your establishment might end up scaring them off.

Avoid a bad reputation with our help. Our services create a clean and inviting atmosphere that generates positive feedback from customers.

Cleaning Solutions for your Establishment

Forte Commercial Cleaning offers a complete movie theater cleaning service for every area of your establishment, which includes public and staff-only rooms. Our team of skilled cleaners can carry out the work in between individual performances or when the venue is closed. 

With advanced techniques and tools, there’s no need to worry about sticky floors or trash under the seats. We keep your movie theater fresh and sanitized.

The movie should not be the only one with a good review; give your establishment one with our help.

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