Ninety percent of employees still go to work despite being sick, a study from Staples reveals, as reported by CBS News. Almost half of those workers know they are contagious, but they still insist on coming to work.

So what does this mean for your business?

You can’t stop determined employees from coming to work sick, but you can still keep the office germ-free. Maintaining a regularly cleaned office space helps prevent a flu outbreak, which can hamper your staff’s attendance. But with schedules and deadlines to beat, do you still have the time to mind cleanliness?

When it comes to office cleaning in San Diego, Forte Commercial Cleaning is the name you can trust.

Consistent Process

Most offices come with cubicles, conference rooms, and lobbies—but that doesn’t mean the cleaning requirements are the same for each area. Proper vacuuming and dusting combined with attention to detail are the secrets to effective cleaning, which is a routine we practice for all of our clients.

A Different Kind of Cleaning

One of the common complaints we receive from new clients is how their previous San Diego office cleaning service failed to live up to its standards. They started out strong but eventually slacked off—a big let-down for most clients.

With us, you won’t have to worry about that.

Our team starts with daily, weekly, and monthly activities that we sign off once everything is done. Our franchise owners even visit locations personally to ensure we deliver high standards with each project. As one of the leading providers of office cleaning services in Carlsbad, we offer professional cleaning all day, every day.

Stop the spread of germs in the office. Keep employees happy and healthy by calling our team today to get a free quote.



Our franchise owners do the babysitting for you, so you don’t have to! With our professional office cleaning services in San Diego, our franchise owners inspect each location regularly (most do so daily) to ensure our high level services is achieved.

The biggest complaints we hear from new clients is how the old cleaning company started out strong, but over time, really slacked off. Not at Forte! Not ever! We start with daily, weekly, and monthly activities that are signed off when done. But what really sets us apart is our franchise owners. They visit your location to ensure this work is being done to our high standards, EVERY TIME! We take pride in our work. Office cleaning is one of our top office cleaning services in Escondido, and we have the customer satisfaction letter to show it. Just ask, and we’ll show you. Office cleaning San Diego like you’ve never experienced before!

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Sick People at Work Beget More Sick People at Work

A recent Staples study shows that 90% of workers go to work when they are sick.   90%!!!!!  And almost half of that 90% knowsthe flu virus is contagious 1 day before symptoms and up to 5-7 days after getting sick.

So what does that mean for your office? It means you need to keep the cleanest office possible so more people don’t get sick. Which in turn means, you need a reliable office cleaning company in Carlsbad that uses quality products and the best cleaning techniques.

STOP the spread of germs with consistent, highest level of standards of cleaning and keep your employees healthier and happier.