campus cleaning

Schools are no strangers to germs. Consider the following statistics:

·         School work desks have an average of 17,800 bacteria per square inch

·         Teachers have 5 1/2 times more germs on their phone than average, and 27 times more on desktop computers

·         The common cold results in 50 million sick days per year

Teachers and children are more susceptible to disease-causing bacteria as they play, work, and interact in such proximities. Educational facilities are breeding grounds for germs, especially if you fail to implement regular cleaning and maintenance.

Forte Commercial Cleaning ensures the cleanliness of schools. With our school cleaning services, promoting better health for both students and teachers is easier.

Attention to Detail

We do not just sweep and wipe; our commercial cleaning focuses on all elements of the service. When you hire us to clean, we sanitize every inch of the area. From cabinets and countertops to high touch surfaces, our team will maintain the highest cleaning standards. We guarantee you will give us an A+.

Meeting Your School’s Needs

Our proactive approach to cleaning has earned us the trust of a number of schools in San Diego. We do not just provide quality cleaning; we deliver services by understanding the particular needs of our clients.

We also invest in the right people. Members of our staff are experienced and knowledgeable with cleaning processes. They also underwent thorough screening to guarantee the safety of the school and your students.

When it comes to school cleaning services in San Diego, we are the name you can trust. Our passion in delivering quality services drives us to promote better health with quality cleaning.

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