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We all know schools are full of germs, and San Diego schools are no different. Keeping kids healthy is not easy. A teacher’s work surface has on average 17,800 bacteria per square inch!  Teachers also have 5 ½ times more germs on their phones and 27 times more germs on their computer keys! Wow, those germs can lead to a lot of sick days!  50 million sick days, in fact, are lost each year just from the common cold. Teaching in San Diego schools is hard enough while battling today’s kids, you don’t need to battle bacteria, colds, and sick days.

High Traffic Common Areas

If schools are open daily, then the school cleaning crews should be working daily.  Many school cleaning companies believe they can clean a school or childcare facility like any other building.  That’s not the case.  Kids are messy and sticky.  Heck, some adults are messy and sticky too!  And so, schools are filled with these high traffic areas that require daily cleaning and sanitizing.  Desks, door handles, chair backs, rail handles and other high-touch areas must be wiped daily. In an office cleaning you can get away with once a week deep cleaning, but with a school cleaning, it needs to be incorporated daily.


The boys bathroom.  Need I say more?  Little boys doing their best to aim and shoot at their target, only to fail miserably.  This failed attempt usually results in residual urine puddling around the base of the toilet and on the ground.  Most school cleaning companies in San Diego do a good job cleaning the floors but leave the corners, edges, and walls untouched, leaving a horrible odor.  Another common mistake of school cleaning companies is that of not flushing the drains.  Mop water and chemicals must be flushed daily to prevent residual odors from dirt and urine.

Forte is the top choice for school cleaning in San Diego.  We strive to make the “grade” for you, your students, and your staff.  We guarantee you will give us an A+ in consistent and reliable school cleaning services.

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