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You may love pets—but not their fur.

Veterinary clinics are no strangers to furry friends and they love them; their constant presence, however, means fur everywhere. That, combined with the smell of pets, triggers allergic reactions and other respiratory illnesses for the vets, staff, and pet owners.

Forte Commercial Cleaning cleans up after your furry patients. Our expert team’s veterinary cleaning service ensures your clinic is free from unpleasant odors, pet hair, and spots on waiting room floors.


Clinic Cleaning: A Necessity

As a medical facility, cleanliness is a must for the wellbeing of both the pets and their owners in a veterinary clinic. There is a risk of spreading contagious diseases; failure to regularly clean the clinic may do more harm than good to your clients and their furry friends.

Apart from health reasons, a clean clinic does wonders for your business’ reputation. Potential clients are more likely to trust facilities that prioritize cleanliness.

Our team helps you promote pet health and a positive business reputation with quality veterinary cleaning services. We combine expert skills with top tools that effectively clean your space.

Our Ultimate Tool: Industrial Vacuums

Owners suffering from pet allergies are not allergic to the fur. The hair only serves as a means of transportation of skin cells, oil, and dander shed by your pets.

We use industrial vacuums with 1 micron particle filters, which efficiently remove excess pet hair. The vacuum’s powerful suction clears the floor and corners of animal hair without clogging easily.

Industrial filters come with particle filters, which also improve the quality of your clinic’s indoor air.

Pets deserve to get well in your facility. Help them get better by prioritizing cleanliness in the clinic. Call us today for an expert helping hand in cleanliness.