dust & dirt cleaning

Research and medical labs often house dangerous pathogens, chemicals, and other substances. Due to the critical nature of these products, authorities implement strict monitoring guidelines and rules to prevent accidents.

Safety precautions, however, are not always enough. To prevent safety and health emergencies, professional cleaning is also a necessity.

Forte Commercial Cleaning provides full laboratory cleaning services that leave your facilities in good condition. We perform all aspects of laboratory cleaning—from cleaning the floors to performing daily maintenance, you can depend on us to do them right.

Advanced Cleaning Equipment and Practices

Our company values innovation. To deliver the best services, we continue to find more ways to accommodate our clients’ specific cleaning needs. Our services use color-coded microfiber cleaning cloths, one of the easiest ways to prevent cross-contamination. These also serves as our visual indicators, which help our staff to reduce the risk of lab-associated risks, accidents, or infections.

Our laboratory cleaning service also uses industrial vacuums with 1-micron HEPA and UPLA filters to effectively remove unwanted dust from the floor. With a cleaner workplace, you don’t need to worry about contamination anymore.

Safe and Trusted Personnel

Security is always a top priority for any cleaning job. Whether your lab uses keys or swipe cards, we maintain security by implementing strict lockup protocols. Our staff is required to wear uniforms and ID badges at all times. Each team member is insured, bonded, and trained in the field.

No cleaning job is too big for Forte. Prevent cases of cross-contamination and accidents with a professional cleaning service. Call us today and get a free quote.